Course curriculum

  • 1

    Livestock Guardian Dogs - LS - 203

    • Why Livestock Guardian Dogs?

    • The Working Homestead Dog

  • 2

    Why a Livestock Guardian Dog?

    • Why a Livestock Guardian Dog?

    • The Most Nature Friendly Form of Predator Control

    • Why a Livestock Guardian Dog video

    • Checkpoint #1

  • 3

    History of Livestock Guardian Dogs

    • Livestock Guardian Dog History

    • Development Of The Livestock Guardian Dog

    • Video - The Way of the Pack

  • 4

    Breeds of dogs that fall into the category of Livestock Guardian dogs.

    • Homestead Helpers and Guardians

    • Homestead Helpers

    • Documentaries

  • 5

    What makes a Livestock Guardian dog a Livestock Guardian dog? What a Livestock Guardian dog is, and what it isn't

    • What a Livestock Guardian dog is, and what it isn't

  • 6

    When you shouldn't get a Livestock Guardian Dog

    • Reasons you might not want a Livestock Guardian Dog

  • 7

    Why just any old pound puppy won't do. Can't they all be trained?

    • The Working Homestead Dog

    • Can't any dog be trained to protect livestock?

    • Video - Why Just Any Dog Won't Do

  • 8

    Will a cross work if the second dog is not a Livestock Guardian dog (LGD)?

    • Will a LGD/ non-LGD cross do the job?

  • 9

    Selecting a breeder

    • Breeds of Livestock Guardian Dogs

  • 10

    Will one dog do, or how many?

    • How Many LGDs Do I Need?

    • Video - How Many Livestock Guardian Dogs?

  • 11

    How old is too old to train for livestock?

    • Development Of The Livestock Guardian Dog

    • How old is too old to train a LGD?

    • Video - How old is too old to train a dog for livestock?

    • Misunderstanding a Livestock Guardian Dog

  • 12

    How to train the dog...and what not to do.

    • Video - How to introduce the dog to livestock

    • Video - How to Correct Mistakes That the Dog Makes

    • The Hazards of Livestock Guardian Dogs and Poultry

    • Video - How to Know if a Dog is Trustworthy

    • Always Trust the Dog

  • 13

    Veterinary Corner

    • Skin Conditions - audio interview with Dr. Steve Weir of Catoosa Animal Hospital

    • Raw food diet - readings

    • Parvo Virus and other vaccines - audio interview with Dr. Weir

    • Livestock Guardian Puppies and HOD

  • 14

    Stories of working LGDs

    • Livestock Guardian Dogs Protect People

    • A Dog and His Sheep

    • Guerrero and the Mountain Lion

    • Moses and the Poultry Bandit

    • What Bravo Taught us about LGD Guarding Style

    • Homestead Helpers And Guardians

    • Homestead Helpers and Guardians Part 2

  • 15

    Other Breeds of Dogs Commonly used by Homesteaders

    • Farm Dogs, What Exactly Are They? Part 1

    • An Ancient Breed of Farm Dog

    • A New English Shepherd Puppy

    • When You're Cold, They are Cold...or Maybe Not

  • 16


    • The Way Of The Pack