Course curriculum

  • 1

    Blog: Livestock

    • Quarantine: Why We Do It

    • Sheep or Goats; Choices on the Homestead

    • The Lively Homestead

    • Approach and Retreat: A Driving Skill

    • The Challenge of Selling Livestock

    • Bringing Home A New Species?

    • Farm Dogs, What Exactly Are They? Part 1

    • Livestock Guardian Dogs Protect People

    • A Dog and His Sheep

    • Guerrero And the Mountain Lion

    • Guardi the Pyre and the Meth Addict

    • Moses and the Poultry Bandits

    • Bravo's Lesson about LGD Guarding Style

    • Always Trust The Dog (LGD)

    • The Most Nature Friendly Form of Predator Control (LGD)

    • Why Would A Person Get a Livestock Guardian Dog?

    • The Advantage of Raising a "Flerd"

    • The Working Homestead Dog

    • Homestead Helpers And Guardians

    • Homestead Helpers and Guardians Part 2

    • When you're cold, they are cold...or maybe not

    • Livestock Guardian Puppies and HOD

    • Misunderstanding a Livestock Guardian Dog

  • 2


    • Lessons Learned From Dairy

    • The Kidding Doe

    • Goat Kids: The Sorrowful Side

    • Rut Season Is Coming

    • Spring Farm Babies

    • Too Much Milk

    • How We Got Into Goats

  • 3


    • Raising A Premie Lamb

    • How We Chose Our Sheep

    • The Rescue Lamb All Grown Up

  • 4


    • The Newest Bottle Baby

    • Benefits of Bottle Feeding

    • A New Addition To The Homestead

  • 5


    • Raise Rabbits for Super Meat Production